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Bluff Park Annual Egg Drop
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Thursday, April 13, 2017
Egg Survivors!
Egg Survivors!
Eggciting Event!

April (2017) Bluff Park tradition for fourth grade students includes the annual Egg Drop.  This culminating event encompasses scientific studies of engineering and structure design as well as the four forces of flight (weight/gravity, lift, thrust, and drag).  Students experiment with a variety of materials in order to secure the fate of their egg which is dropped from a height equivalent to a two story building. The creativity used during the design process yields structures made from packing peanuts and garbage bags, which allows for a light and airy landing, to jars of peanut butter used to buffer the delicate egg cargo!

Bluff Park Elementary is very thankful to have the assistance of the Hoover Fire Department Bluff Park Station #5 and our SRO's!


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