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Bluff Park "Take Flight" Day
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Students view plane from Southern Museum of Flight
Students view plane from Southern Museum of Flight

March (2017) On Friday, March 17th, Bluff Park Elementary is partnering with Civil Air Patrol for a "Take Flight" Day which focuses on Aerospace in Education.  Students have been working on A.C.E. (Aerospace Connections in Education) lessons of academics, character, and, physical activity through their classrooms, P.E. classes, S.T.E.A.M. lab and information via the morning broadcast. Guest speakers include:  

Trish Coughlin: State Director of Recruiting and Retention and cadets.

Chris Habig: Resource Planning & Operations at Alabama Power Company  Electric Car- Discussing energy, aerodynamics, and circuitry. (Interactive)

Ray Dunn: C.A.P. Retired/Engineer Drone and programming (Aerospace innovations and how they are used). (Demonstration)

Wayne Novy: Southern Museum of Flight Museum Curator (Components of the airplane and four forces of flight (lift, weight/gravity, drag, thrust). (Demonstration)

Karen Darroch:  HCS Tech Coach Aerospace Break-out (Interactive)

Mike Jackson: Hoover Police Department Pilot (Informational talk; Q & A)

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